International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

As we navigate the second half of Florida’s hurricane season in 2020, we mark International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13th. It’s a day to celebrate how families and homes around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters, and a day to raise awareness of how to manage the risks that a

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Will Your Home Withstand Florida’s Hurricane Season?

The Importance of Wind Mitigation Inspections Florida’s hurricane season is here, so between now and the end of November, let’s batten down the hatches. Anyone living in Florida knows the damage and devastation that a hurricane can cause, and the news reminds us of the impact that these weather events can have on families and

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3 Things Florida Realtors Love About Matter Home Inspections

Realtors just love recommending Matter Home Inspections to clients who are buying or selling a home because they know that partnering up means that a house sale goes through without a hitch.  Here are the 3 reasons why realtors have the team at Matter Home Inspections on speed dial

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How a Home Inspection Can Benefit Both Buyers and Sellers

Selling a home? Buying a home? Both? You don’t need us to point out how exciting but stressful this can be. There are potential pitfalls and expensive mistakes. Here’s how both buyers and sellers can benefit from a professional home inspection like the ones we have to offer at Matter Home Inspections.

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How to Save Money When Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a new home? Congratulations! We’re willing to bet that you’re excited and terrified in equal measure. Buying a house is such an important step for you and your family, yet there are pitfalls to avoid, and it could be the biggest purchase you may ever make. So, if someone told you there’s a way

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How to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes This Season

Florida’s hurricane season is upon us, and anyone who lives in the Sunshine State knows that the damage from wind and water can be devastating. You’ve been watching the weather forecast and stocking up on essentials like canned food, water, flashlights, and extra batteries. But is your home ready? Sounds like it’s time to work

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The Importance of Trust When Selecting a Home Inspector

Why it pays off to have a reliable professional on your side whether you are buying or selling a home.  Congratulations! You are looking to begin the next chapter of your life and it all begins with transitioning from one home to another. There are tons of moving pieces from the relocation logistics to researching

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How to Solve the Homeowners Insurance Policy Dilemma

Picture this, you love your older home and you’re desperately trying to get a Homeowners Insurance Policy.  The insurance company is reluctant, and your stress and frustration are growing. The problem The insurance companies are concerned that homes 25 years or older may have issues that they assume newer homes do not have and are

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