Your house just called. It was dropping some pretty heavy hints about what it would like this Christmas. And you know what? It deserves some TLC. Your home has kept you safe and warm throughout the year. Why not keep it in tip-top condition in 2021?

Let’s take a minute before you carve that turkey, to think about what your home is wishing for.

  1. Roof

Let’s start from the top of your home, which keeps you warm and dry. What a battering your home’s roof took this year during the Florida hurricane season. Treat your home the right way: assess and repair any damage to the roof. Preventative maintenance action will save you thousands in the long run, and a wind mitigation inspection will inspect any damage sustained.

  1. Electric

The electric in your home keeps those holiday lights twinkling, and that Netflix marathon running. And hey, that’s a good thing. The Crown isn’t going to binge-watch itself, you know.

But did you know that one of the main causes of house fires in the US is washing machines and dryers? Always check electrical equipment in the home, and discard or repair anything faulty, and schedule a health check for any old wiring by a qualified professional. Our top tip is to use a lint screen, clean the dryer vent, and keep anything flammable away from the dryer.

  1. Plumbing

Yes, we blame the teenagers in the house, but your home keeps that hot water running for all of those long showers. The last thing you want, before all of the in-laws descend on your home in search of cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, is for the plumbing to back up.

The truth is, many plumbing problems are caused by homeowners not carrying out simple preventative tasks, causing minor plumbing issues to become major problems. Preventative tips that your home will thank you for include: unclogging slow drains, fixing leaking faucets and showerheads, and checking all exposed appliances and pipes for water leaks.

  1. HVAC & Heating

Our beloved air con keeps us cool in those Florida summers and takes away that winter evening chill. Make sure your home’s heating and ventilation system are maintained regularly by an expert preferably every six months, any debris is removed, and that filters are cleaned and replaced.

  1. Home health check

Sometimes, your home needs a health check, carried out by an expert. Your home is your investment and having the important aspects inspected can highlight any issues that need attention and advice given on how to address these issues. Whether you need a pre-sale inspection, a buyer inspection, a wind mitigation inspection, or a four-point inspection, make sure your home is in the safe hands of an expert.

Home for the holidays

From all of us at Matter Home Inspections we are happy to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. We know we have so much to be thankful for. This year, the pandemic has taught us that our home and our community mean more now than ever. We are so grateful for you, our loyal customers, so thank you for your continued support.

We wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas, tucked up in your home with those you hold dear. We look forward to serving you in the New Year, and we hope that 2021 brings you health and happiness.

If buying, selling, or maintaining your home form part of your new year’s resolution, call us to schedule a home inspection. Trust us, your home will thank you!